Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trick University - Episode 5, Cubicle-Fx from Isilon Systems.

TrickUniversity May 13, 2010 — TrickUniversity sponsored by Isilon Systems - Corporate-Fx Magician, Scott Tokar presents "Cubicle-Fx" Episode 5: "I can read your mind"! Learn the magic secret at!

I am SO HAPPY to share this new episode of Trick University's Cubicle-Fx with you!

The original idea idea came from a trick I found in Penn & Teller's book: "How to Play in Traffic" using a map and a pen...(page 125) But I have gone back to the trick's roots to help you to become AMAZING!

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Solution Video #5 available at:
(Look for the italicized letter "i" in the lower right side of the homepage to access)

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